If you've been searching for an all-natural hair care product that makes the hair healthy and beautiful, it's right here. We proudly offer you our very special hair product...

 'HairAmbrosia Hair Treatment'.

           Changes occur with our hair as we age, especially after years of using harsh chemicals to cleanse, curl, and color.  When you add hot implements and other un-natural appliances, it makes you wonder how the hair can have any vibrancy or sheen left.  These products and appliances can remove any appearance of good health that the hair ever had.  What we are really longing for is the feeling of the soft, manageable locks that we had as children.  And we've come up with the solution. 
      HairAmbrosia is 100% natural, in other words, it's 'herbal hair care'.  We provide a Hair Treatment which is to be used once or twice a week to boost the hair's level of good health through nutrition.  We're talking about external nutrition, which penetrates the hair shaft and creates good health for your hair.  You can shampoo and condition as usual after this treatment and the softness remains. 

      It's a softness that is not a temporary oily residue, because this treatment contains no oil at all!  It's a completely herbal formula.  It feeds the hair what it needs and nothing more.   Usually what happens when the hair is dry is that it begins to split at the ends.  These ends need to be cut frequently to stop the splitting action.  HairAmbrosia Hair Treatment helps to prevent this splitting action which allows the hair to grow to it's maximum length.  That's why we highly recommend this treatment for long hair and hair that is dry.  Just like ambrosia is food of the Gods, HairAmbrosia is food for your hair!

(There is actually 5 oz of product in the Apothecary Jar Size)


Buy our Apothecary Jar with wooden scoop for $25.00.  The net weight (amount of actual HairAmbrosia Hair Treatment is 5 oz).  When this pretty jar is empty you'll want to continue buying the 8 oz. size bag to refill it

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Buy our full-sized 8 oz. version for $24.00 .  Includes a wooden scoop. (One heaping scoop = 1 Tablespoon)

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Try before you buy - Our travel or trial-sized version of HairAmbrosia Hair Treatment comes in a 2 oz bag size.  $7.50 .

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100% All-Natural Ingredients

Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) - Comfrey root (Symphytum officinale) -  Horsetail leaves (Equisetum arvense) - Arnica flowers (Arnica montana) - Lavender flowers (Lavandula officinalis) - Jasmine flowers (Jasminum odoratissimum)

- We wouldn't even think about testing on animals. -


"We believe that beauty should be fun, yet taken quite seriously"



This treatment is actually quite simple to use.  But because of it's uniqueness, it will be a different process than you are probably used to.  Have a mixing bowl, measuring cup, tablespoon (or small wooden scoop) and wire whisk available.  Depending on the amount of hair you have, you will fill the measuring cup with the appropriate amount of warm water, then pour it into the mixing bowl that holds the appropriate amount of powder.  This activates the herbal properties which will beautify your hair.  Mix thoroughly with the whisk until it makes a semi-thin paste.  Think of it like a masque for the hair.  Apply it to dry hair beginning at the ends and working it up to the scalp.  Leave it on for 10-30 minutes, then shampoo & condition as usual for beautiful results.

Basic Recipe

2T Powder + 1/4 cup water

Short Hair

1-2T - Powder

Medium Length Hair

3-4T - Powder

Long Hair

4-6T - Powder



"WOW!!! I just tried a packet of HairAmbrosia, and my hair feels great!!!  This herbal hair treatment really softens and strengthens the hair. If you use natural clays and herbs to clean your hair, you will love this treatment as an extra boost to your conditioning. I can really tell a difference after one treatment. :-)- Jonna,  Knoxville, TN

- taken with permission from "the all natural beauty forum" -

"I love the quality of your products. I am excited about my next treatment!"

- written later, used with permission -


     "I set out to create a hair product that was completely natural and could bring back the softness that my hair had before years of chemical treatments took their toll.  After many experimentations, I hit upon the perfect formula!

     I've found that my  favorite time to use this treatment is while taking a bath.  I apply the formula to my hair and scalp.  Put my hair up in a bun, and sink into the nice warm tub.  After a few minutes of soaking and relaxing, I put my head into the water and release the product into the water.  The same botanicals that are so good for the hair are also excellent for the skin, so it gives a double treatment by having it in the bath water as well.  I then shampoo, rinse, add conditioner, and finish by rinsing in the shower.  It makes for a very nice spa treatment and... very soft, silky hair.  I hope that you enjoy this product as much as I have.

     My sincerest thanks to our many satisfied customers that have lent their comments to this site. It warms my heart to know how much you have been enjoying this special product.

- Sharon Houghton


"I absolutely love your hair ambrosia and am ordering more while the last of my previous package currently is on my hair. My sister loves this as well. Thank you so very much for all that you do to make our world more beautiful!"  - Celia, IL

- written to SharAmbrosia, used with permission -

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"I got my Hair Ambrosia yesterday and tried it this morning. I love it! My hair feels really soft and silky! Soooo nice. Thumbs up, girlfriend! Great product. "  - E.C.  Seattle, WA

- written to SharAmbrosia, used with permission -



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     "I just tried Sharon's HairAmbrosia ( as well and I loved it! My hair is so damaged from blow drying and highlighting it. I have been trying to take really good care of it now so I can grow it out long and healthy, but I also want to use completely natural products. SharAmbrosia made my hair so soft!

     If you haven't tried it, it comes in a fine powder form (all natural herbs) - you mix it with water and apply it to your hair. After about 1/2 hour you rinse it out (rinses out very easily) and wala, soft hair.

     I also tried the relaxing tea - it is awesome. A hot bath, relaxing tea, and nourishing treatment for your hair all at the same time. Ahhhhh! " - Tammy, CA

- taken with permission from "the all natural beauty forum" -


We sincerely thank you for trying HairAmbrosia!

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"I just wanted to let you know that I received my hair treatment today, and just finished using it tonight. I wanted to tell you, WOW! My hair has never felt this good, or looked as nice as it does now, when I've gone this long without getting it cut and fixed at a salon. I was thinking of even telling my hairstylist about your product so she can use it on her clients if she wants." - Shari, AZ

Celia's Comments


Celia's comments continued..."I absolutely love your hair ambrosia and am ordering more while the last of my previous package currently is on my hair. My sister loves this as well. Thank you so very much for all that you do to make our world more beautiful!

I would love let you in on a little story as well :) A year ago, I introduced my sister to your HairAmbrosia while we were visiting my mom. You see, I live in Illinois and she lives in Florida and my mom lives in Indiana where we and two other sisters congregate once a year. We are both natural girls and love all kinds of natural products for the hair, body and soul. Her hair has always been very thin with a nice wave, but a battle for her. My hair is much thicker but straight as a rod and of course, I would love to have some of her wave. So, when I found your wonderful HairAmbrosia and was over whelmed by how it makes my hair bouncy but also thickens it up, it had to be shared with her. She too was overwhelmed by how it thickened her hair and made it so shiny. We both receive all kinds of compliments on our hair after using your Ambrosia. Sometimes we even call each other and do the HairAmbrosia together..sort of LOL...on the phone. We also add a natural facial and just have a spa time together over the phone. When we are finished we always call each other again and rave about how our hair feels. This is an exquisite treat for both of us as we share our joys while doing something natural for our bodies. You see Sharon, you bring wonderful joy in so many ways!!
Thank you, thank you!

Hair has always been a passion for me and finding your Ambrosia has enlivened that passion even more. At 57 I color my hair all too often with icky chemicals. I have not yet gotten to use Henna but would love to try it some day. My hairdresser is always amazed at how healthy my hair is even though it is colored. That, my dear is YOUR doing! It is your HairAmbrosia that keeps my hair healthy with very little distress from the coloring chemicals. I am not sending this picture so that you will use it on the site, but just to let you see how wonderful your product is!!

All I can say is, you rock!!
- Celia, IL

- written to SharAmbrosia, used with permission -

Beautiful Celia and her healthy locks. (Photo used w/permission)


Beautiful Cynci shown in front of one of her lovely works of art. Make sure to check out the magical art of Cynci Cutter here:
(Photo used w/permission)

Thanks, Celia & Cynci, we SO appreciate your comments and pictures!


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